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Terms and Conditions

The Dutch Courts in Haarlem will settle any dispute under this contract in connection

with any question of law.

• Minimum shipment per delivery date € 100,00.

V.A.T. and the costs of freight and package are not included.

If any item is out of sale at the moment we receive your order, we let you know

and (if possible) suggest you an equivalent.

• We guarantee a good flowering-result, unless you order smaller bulbs than

recommended by us.

If any complaint be made touching the description or quality or condition of any

goods delivered by the seller under this contract the seller undertakes either to

replace within reasonable time, so much of the goods delivered as may be

proved to have been defective as regards description, quality or condition when

delivered or at his option to make a fait allowance of the price of so much of the

goods delivered.

The buyer shall have made his complaint to the seller within 10 days of receipt at

the buyer’s premises. He shall have forwarded with his complaint a written

statement with full particulars.

• Neither party is to be held liable for any failure to carry out this contract caused

by circumstances beyond that party’s control.

• All accounts are due one month after date of invoice.

On overdue accounts 12% interest per annum will be charged, together with the

collection expenses.

Ownership of goods is reserved until all obligations have been fulfilled.

Prices and VAT

Due to new EU VAT guidelines, the VAT rate of the country of destination must be calculated. If you order from outside the Netherlands, this will affect the total price of your order. This calculation can be found in the shopping cart before you place your order. The flower bulb is a living product, therefore it is impossible to guarantee the prices for the whole season. Better or worse crops than expected have a strong influence on our purchasing price. However, only extreme circumstances can force us to change our selling price.