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An overwhelming assortment of spring flowering bulbs is now available to order, for delivery in planting time, from September.


The Anemones offered can be divided into three groups:

Anemone blanda, Oriental Anemones that are well suited along edges of borders or in pots, combined with other spring flowers. Preferably in a sunny or slightly shaded position on permeable soil, also for naturalising.

Anemone coronaria, garden anemones. Planted in autumn, they flower in March-April, combine well with other spring flowers and are nice to pick for in a vase. If the tubers are planted in spring, flowering is after about 8 weeks. After a few years, the tubers disappear and need to be replanted.

Wood anemones, including A. nemorosa, A. lipsiensis and A. ranunculoides are true naturalising plants for a spot in light shade to shade. Wonderful in country gardens, along forest edges and under woody plants. Preferably plant in a forest soil. The first year after planting, flowering is moderate, but from the second year onwards they will develop fine.