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An overwhelming assortment of spring flowering bulbs is now available to order, for delivery in planting time, from September.

Spring flowering

Flower bulbs are indispensable in gardens, parks, public green spaces and nature. Immediately after winter, snowdrops, winter aconites and cyclamen blossom, which are visited in abundance by early bees and other insects. Soon crocuses, daffodils and many other bulbous plants appear. Allium extends flowering well into summer.
Flower bulbs can be used in many ways: as an addition to the border, in pots on the patio or balcony, to grow wild under trees and shrubs, in meadows and, in recent years, in roadsides and waterways.
With our ever-expanding range, we hope to give you enough inspiration to get started with flower bulbs.

The delivery of flower bulbs starts at planting time, from the beginning of September.