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Lily, species

Wildvormen, de species worden aangetroffen in bosachtige streken van Europa, grote delen van Azië en Noord-Amerika. Lijkend op Turkse lelies, dus met sterk teruggeslagen bloembladeren en meestal hangende bloemen.

  • Lilium 'Fusion'

    Originated from a cross between two species: L. pardalinum x L. longiflorum. Soft shiny brown-red with golden-yellow speckles in the centre. Height 60-80 cm. Bulb size 16/18.
  • Lilium henryi

    Firm, tall, orange lily with brown speckles. Turkish Cap-type. Height 120-150 cm.
    Delivery planting time, September-November 2022
  • Lilium lancifolium

    Orange-red Tiger lily. Also known by the old names: L. lancifolium var. splendens en L. tigrinum splendens.
  • Lilium leichtlinii

    This Japanese species has large fragrant lemon-yellow flowers with many reddish-purple speckles. Often in airy clusters of more than twelve flowers.
  • Lilium martagon 'Pink Morning'

    Selection of the Turkish Cap Lily with beautiful soft pink flowers sprinkled with purple pink dots. Fragrant. Dutch grown.
  • Lilium pumilum

    Bright scarlet flowers, dwarf growing, one of the best lilies for garden use, bulb size 14/16+.
  • Lilium regale

    King's lily or regal lily, large, scented, white, trumpet-shaped flowers with a purple glow on the outside. Height 100-150 cm.
  • Lilium regale 'Album'

    White, pink at the back of the flowers, bulb size 20/24.
  • Lilium speciosum var. rubrum 'Uchida'

    Reliable selection of the Japanese species with softly scented, pink speckled flowers. Late-flowering. Turkish Cap-type. Height 120 cm.