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Multi-year flowering amaryllis (Hippeastrum): bulb treatment after flowering

Leave the bulb in place

1.           Do not throw away the bulb after flowering. With good care, the bulb can flower again the following year.

2.           In order for the plant to flower again, the bulb must gain strength and increase in size.

3.           After flowering, remove the spent stems; do not cut off the leaves.

4.           Amaryllis likes light and a warm climate, about 18 to 25°C.

5.           If the temperature is right, the plant can be grown in the house, a conservatory or outside.

6.           Water regularly; give some plant fertilizer now and then (not more than once every 4 to 6 weeks).

7.           Approx. 7 months after flowering, move the plant to a cooler place, approx. 7 to 15°C, for a period of approx. 10 weeks (minimum 8).

8.           During the cool period only water occasionally; remove dead leaves.

9.           At the end of the cool period return the plant to room temperature and cut off the leaves.

10.         Wait with watering until the new leaves and flowerstems appear.

11.         After 7 to 10 weeks (depending on the temperature) the amaryllis will flower again.

NB bulbs that remain firm give longer stems!

12.         After flowering, repeat everything (see point 1 above).

13.         After a few years the bulb will need to be replanted.

A Transplant at the end of the cool period

o During the cool period, stop watering gradually

o The leaves will gradually die

o Remove the dead leaves

o At the end of the cool period, remove the bulb from the pot

Clean the roots and remove the old bulb skirts and clusters

Afterwards, repot the bulb and place it at room temperature.

o Then see above from point 10.

B. Transplanting at the end of the warm period, before the cool period

o See below at "repotting the bulbs annually".


Transplant the bulbs annually

14.         Approx. 7 months after flowering remove the bulb from the pot and cut off the leaves.

15.         Store the bulb in a warm, dry place for 2 weeks to allow the cut to dry properly.

16.         Clean the roots and remove old roots, clisters and bulb skins

17.         Afterwards store the bulb in a cool place, between 7 and 15°C

18.         After a cool period of 8 to 10 weeks the bulb can be replanted.

NB: You can also repot the bulb at the end of the cooling period, see above under point 13A.


Tip: Plant bulbs with clisters in their entirety back into a larger pot. The clisters will grow into full-fledged bulbs and will flower.


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