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Quality Garden Tools

The hallmark of Sneeboer is the synergy between new and old. Sneeboer artisans constantly seek new challenges, striving to develop innovative new tools, to improve on those tools that have proven their worth down the centuries and to resurrect tools which have been forgotten about.

  • SNEEBOER Bladhark 7t RVS

    Leaf Rake 7t. A small hand rake is a recommended addition to a basic tool collection. It is ideal for raking up debris around individual plants, small beds or other hard to reach areas.
  • SNEEBOER Bloempot/ Container mes RVS

    Sneeboer has designed an all-sides sharpened, long, flat, flexible stainless steel container or pottery knife that comes with a red beech grip. The product of a request from a customer, this knife is a problem solver for gardeners who have plants in containers. Width of head 3,4 cm Length of head 40,5 cm Length of handle 12,5 cm Total length 53,5 cm
  • SNEEBOER Handcultivator RVS

    Hand Cultivator. Literally 'claw' back control of your garden with the hand cultivator, a fearsome, three-tined hand tool which is perfectly designed for loosening border and vegetable patch soil prior to planting and it equally adapts at removing weeds and other unwanted plants and debris. Vital statistics: the three stainless steel tines are sharpened to a point, each measure 8 cm in length. Ash wood handle.
  • SNEEBOER Handrooivorkje RVS

    Weeding Fork. This strong fork with an ash wood handle is great for getting under weeds and loosening them, with their roots, from the soil. The stainless steel tines are strong enough to dig and cultivate soils of all types and conditions.
  • SNEEBOER Handvoegenkrabber RVS

    To remove unwanted weeds and seedlings between cracks in paving and walls the stone scratcher is a great tool to do this task with ease. Ash wood handle.
  • SNEEBOER Onkruidschopje RVS

    The weeding trowel is ideal for planting out long rooted seedlings and plants like sweet peas when you require a deep narrow planting hole, also extremely useful for removing tap rooted weeds (like dandelions) and reaching into difficult areas in the garden for general weeding. Ash wood handle.
  • SNEEBOER Onkruidsteker RVS

    Dandelion Digger. This dandelion digger is perfect for getting to those difficult tap root weeds and digging dandelions out of the lawn. Ash wood handle.
  • SNEEBOER Penwortelschopje RVS

    The 21 cm long blade and 3.5 cm width of this tool enables long rooted weeds like dandelions to be removed with ease from lawns without disturbing the surrounding area. Ash wood handle.
  • SNEEBOER Planttroffel Oud Hollands Model RVS

    Planting Trowel Old Dutch Style. The planting trowel by Sneeboer Tools has sharp sides and a pointed end allowing you to cut easily through the soil for all your planting and gardening needs. Use it for planting bulbs, seedlings and small plants or use the large head for breaking and turning the soil. The planting trowel can even be used to separate smaller perennials. The forged stainless steel head will stay sharp and provide you with a lifetime of service.Usage: The way to use this trowel is totally different to the norm, instead of the usual scooping action, you use it the same way one would use an axe. The weight is heavy and the balance is different. Penetrate the soil ( you need the weight) move the trowel forwards and backwards and you have a perfect planting hole. To give you an idea of how successful this tool is: all the bulbs ( millions) at the famous Dutch Keukenhof Exhibition are planted using this special trowel. This planting trowel is hand-forged from stainless steel and fitted with your choice of an Ash hardwood handle from FSC Certified forests.
  • SNEEBOER Pootstok gebogen RVS

    Dibber. This unusual shaped dibber is a joy to use. The ash handle fits comfortably in the hand and it comes with a sharp stainless steel spike.Designed to quickly plunge to the desired depth and width, it is useful when planting multiple seeds and bulbs. The finely sharpened tip makes this an extremely effective dibber, and the steam-bent ash handle offers a comfortable grip when working from a kneeling or seated position. It has a 12,5 cm head and an overall curved length of 40 cm.
  • SNEEBOER Royal Hand Schoffel RVS

    Royal Dutch Hand Hoe. A hand crafted hand held hoe equally at home in urban gardening as well as traditional gardens. A multifunctional tool which can be used with great success in raised beds, square foot planting, balcony and patio growing, heavily planted or mature herbaceous boarders, permanent container pots and window boxes. It is the most versatile garden tool that any gardener can own. The Royal Dutch Hand Hoe is very light at 170 grams and can be used effortlessly in the garden. With an ash wood handle.
  • SNEEBOER Schrepel 12 cm rechtshandig RVS

    Hand Hoe 12 cm right-handed. A great small, right handed, hand hoe. The ash wood handle is comfortable and well-balanced. Right- and left-handed models put the longer side of the blade toward the center of the body which places your cuts more accurately where you want them. With ash wood handle.
  • SNEEBOER Verplantschopje RVS

    Transplanting Trowel. The transplanting trowel with a 15 cm blade and a ash wood handle is the perfect trowel for planting and almost all garden tasks. A favourite item and a worldwide bestseller!
  • SNEEBOER Wiedvinger RVS

    Weeding Finger. The 2 cm wide by 8 cm deep blade, or ‘finger’, is designed to weed effectively in confined spaces or to dig a hole to plant small bulbs. The length of this tool (20 cm overall) gives you total control and allows you to work accurately. Ash wood handle.
  • SNEEBOER Wiedvork 2t RVS

    Weeding Fork. The two-pronged weeder loosens the earth around the roots, enabling the weeds to be removed with ease. With an ash wood handle. "A very sturdy piece of equipment which will help with the removal of all but the deepest rooted, earth-bound weeds."
  • SNEEBOER Wrotter RVS

    Wrotter. An elegantly simple solution to a perennial problem. Ash handle The “Wrotter” is an old Dutch word which comes from the northern part of the Netherlands called “Frisian”. Wrotter simply means “Tough Worker” which adeptly describes this amazingly useful tool beautifully. The unique shaped and precisely angled head allows easy weeding around established plants. It is easy to push in to the soil to remove the roots of deep and tap rooted weeds allowing their removal rather than cutting them off and is far superior to a hoe for this job. Great for removing seedlings, weeding in tight spaces amongst borders and where it is hard to access.